Trimble GX 3D Scanner

Trimble GX 3D Scanner is an advanced surveying and spatial imaging sensor that uses high speed laser and video to capture coordinates and image data. The powerful capabilities of the Trimble GX 3d Scanner and its supporting system increase your competitiveness today and open doors to new business opportunities.

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- A total Spatial Imaging solution with an easy, seamless workflow

- Control with Trimble Access on Trimble Tablet and produce deliverables in the field

- Trimble SureScan patented technology for fast, smart scanning

- Real-time true-color acquisition for better visualization

- Immediate target acquisition methods for faster observations

With the latest generation of the Trimble® GX™ 3D Scanner, you can collect millions of points for photo-realistic resolution, or you can collect exactly the number of points you need. It’s up to you: Trimble® SureScan™ patented technology lets you scan smarter and faster.
Trimble SureScan automatically adapts your scanning parameters to the geometry of a scanned object, and controls scanning movement to keep a constant user-defined space between points in 3D. This unique, innovative function maintains the equal density of points even for target objects such as roads and tunnels, where distances to points vary. You won’t capture too many points at short distances and too few points at longer distances - you also won’t capture measurements you don’t need.
Being more efficient in the field operation translates directly into faster and easier data processing


The Trimble GX 3D Scanner is just one advanced component of a superior surveying and Spatial Imaging solution that lets you capture, extract, and analyze spatial data.
Comprising the Trimble GX itself, Trimble Access software on Trimble Tablet, and the powerful Trimble RealWorks™ office software, the complete system enables surveyors and geospatial professionals to generate compelling deliverables for clients.
Trimble RealWorks can take the millions of points captured in a single scan and convert them into a usable form for processing in Trimble RealWorks or your favorite CAD package Trimble RealWorks automates each step from data capture to client-ready deliverable it’s powerful but extremely easy to use.
Trimble Access is a dramatic field software designed to make the Trimble GX system easy to use. It also makes it easy to share deliverable results with others while still in the field.
Surveyors who are familiar with scanning will find the approach to the observation workflows very refreshing due to the Total Station-like interface. Those who are unfamiliar with scanning will find their learning curve is remarkably short.
Trimble Access software is run on the Trimble Tablet PC, a very rugged unit designed for outdoor use It has a large, clear touch screen which is easy to read in all lighting conditions.
Trimble Access has specialized applications options that allow users to produce final deliverables, right on the Trimble Tablet and right in the field, for immediate transfer over a standard Internet connection.

The Trimble GX 3D Scanner includes Trimble® VISION™ technology for digital image streaming and capture. Using a digital image on the controller screen, users can quickly identify and capture relevant data with a simple point-and-click; the image can then be transferred with the data. This process makes project handover to colleagues simple the image helps identify and orient the points. Data processed immediately in Trimble Access, or with Trimble RealWorks can then be delivered to your clients in compelling 2D and 3D.

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